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Police shoot Alton Sterling, 2016.
Police shot and killed
Alton Sterling, July 5, 2016.
Kent State, 1970.
March on the Pentagon,
March 17, 2007.
Sample unclassified beam weapon, 2009.
Source: Wikipedia Active Denial System entry.
(This is not a lethal beam weapon,
just a sample unclassified beam weapon.)
NYPD, 2004.  Unclassified LRAD
sound beam technology
Jan. 6, 2010-- TruTV broadcasts
Manchurian candidate, a TV
show in the 2010 TV series
Conspiracy Theory with Jesse
"Thou shalt not murder." -- One of the Ten Commandments, approx. 3,300 year old moral commandments.

News [5/26/17]
Overt and Suspected Covert Political Assassinations in America 1953-2017

     Political Persecution History 1953-2017
     Political Assassination Categories, 1953-2017
Surviving Covert Hi-Tech NonLethal Mind Reading and Mind Control Political Persecution
     The Mind Control Problem
     Mind Control Survival Summary
Songs Commenting Martyrs and Opposing/Lamenting Political Assassinations
Detailed partial list and chart of overt and suspected covert U.S. political assassinations from 1953-2017

     Jan. 20, 2017--now--Protesters protest during and after the Republican presidential inauguration on Jan. 20, 2017.  Some of the protests failed to maintain the legal moral norm of nonviolence and some violence unfortunately occurred.
     Nov. 9-27, 2016--Protesters protest the election of the Republican presidential candidate (who received approximately 2.9 million votes less than the Democratic presidential candidate).  Some of the protests failed to maintain the legal moral norm of nonviolence and some violence unfortunately occurred.
     Aug. 9, 2014--Robbery suspect Michael Brown, 18, is shot and killed by police officer Darren Wilson, 28, in Ferguson, Missouri.  Black protest at Ferguson, Missouri, including black political protesters from elsewhere, is confrontationally opposed by the Ferguson, Missouri police.  Black protest is surprisingly long, sustained, angry, sometimes tragically violent, and even included limited rioting.
     2013--Black Lives Matter protest movement begins, first as the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, as part of the black political protest movement responding to the death of Trayvon Martin.
     Feb. 12, 2012--Trayvon Martin, 17, is shot and killed by police informant and vigilante George Zimmerman after Mr. Zimmerman called 911 to complain.  A black protest movement emerges in response.
     Jan. 6, 2010-- TruTV broadcasts Manchurian Candidates as part of the new TV series Conspiracy Theory with Jesse VenturaJesse Ventura was elected governor of Minnesota in 1998 and was the governor of Minnesota from January 4, 1999 to January 6, 2003.  Jesse Ventura's TV show Manchurian candidates presents Jesse Ventura's concerns about mind control, black ops/covert ops, political assassinations, and Manchurian candidates, or programmed U.S. government black ops/covert ops assassins.  This one hour TV show can be viewed on the Internet.
     June 2009-- CIA director Leon E. Panetta cancelled an international CIA assassination program that was designed to specifically kill top Al Qaeda terrorist leaders.  The CIA's actions were reported in the New York Times on July 13, 2009 and the Washington Post on July 16, 2009.  The CIA was considering using international ground-based, not air power drone-based, anti-terrorist hit squads or assassination squads and it cancelled the program.  This shows that political assassination programs can be stopped.  However, this website,, is focused on documenting, preventing, and eventually stopping political assassinations in America.

Overt and Suspected Covert Political Assassinations in America 1953-2017
    Note: This topic can get very complex.  This topic was originally part of but I moved it to its own website when the issue of documenting and stopping U.S. overt and covert political assassinations grew in size.  This is still a draft version of documentation on this topic.  The list of suspicious deaths and/or political assassinations in America is very incomplete.  Due to time constraints, this draft version of the data is all I can publish at this point in time.  I hope to revise and improve this documentation later.

Political Persecution History 1953-2017
    The sad reality is that the political backlash against all of the political progress of the 1960's, including civil rights, the war on poverty, the peace movement, the counterculture, feminism, environmentalism, the greens, and increased human rights, including gay rights, has led to too many political activists and targeted individuals being murdered.  The most prominent murders of political activists and targeted individuals in the 1960's were overt, but covert murders of political activists and targeted individuals are alleged to have occurred between 1953-2017.
    In addition to activists occasionally dying in political conflict flashpoints, murders by the Klu Klux Klan in the 1960s, and other lethal hate crimes, the U.S. federal government established at least 3 secret police task forces that went about the illegal business of illegal covert political repression, and that tragically sometimes included the accidental death or even the deliberate murder or assassination of political activists and/or targeted individuals.  These repressive secret police task forces were and/or are 1) COINTELPRO, 2) Operation CHAOS, and 3) political persecution workers who identified themselves as the FBI SID or SID, the Special Intelligence Division, an alleged FBI or interagency U.S. secret police or black ops task force.  COINTELPRO was Hoover's FBI's secret police covert war against left-wing political activism in the 1960s.  Illegal COINTELPRO-style political repression continued long after the FBI's official COINTELPRO program was probably shut at some (possibly unknown) time after the Citizen's Commission to Investigate the FBI seized secret FBI COINTELPRO records on March 8, 1971.  FBI SID/covert ops workers in 2005-2017 have sometimes identified themselves as COINTELPRO.  Operation CHAOS was the CIA's secret police war against left-wing political activism and the counterculture.  The FBI SID, or the SID, the Special Intelligence Division, is an alleged FBI or interagency U.S. secret police task force that allegedly engaged in political repression of targeted individuals and political activists from allegedly around 1979 to now.  Its mobile street harassment workers have sometimes identified themselves by using the words "COINTELPRO" and/or "psywar".  The FBI SID or mind control covert ops combines very hi-tech political persecution including electronic harassment, mind reading, and mind control, blatantly illegal gangstalking and smearing political opponents, and the blatantly illegal widespread use of methamphetamine speed to keep illegal black ops/covert ops covert electronic psychological warfare or psywar repression workers in their top-secret hi-tech offices functioning in emotionally draining, very screwed up, often sleep-deprived, and tragically almost demonically evil working environments.  The FBI SID and/or allied U.S. secret police workers (including government agents and undercover cops), sometimes aka COINTELPRO, routinely infiltrate and disrupt social change events and presumably social change organizations also.
      For more information about political persecution history in America, see Exposing and Stopping Political Repression From 1960-1974 in History of TI Political Activism at

Kent State, 1970. Boxes with tens of thousands of these stickers were set up for distribution at the March 17, 2007 March on the Pentagon in Washington, DC.

Political Assassination Categories, 1953-2017
     Overt political assassinations, suspected covert political assassinations, and the suspicious untimely early death of some important people and VIPs has deprived our country of some very talented individuals, some very creative individuals, and some very talented leaders.  It has also deprived some people of years of their lives in a land of peace, freedom, and plenty were the old Star Trek motto "live long and prosper" is the natural state of living for the overwhelming majority of a very prosperous and very free American middle class.
     The cost of some very good people being assassinated is incalculable.  How much better would America be, for example, if Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had not been assassinated in 1968?  And America was shocked and stunned by the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, an enemy of Hoover's FBI, in 1963.  Each political assassination of a good person deprives all of us of what they would have contributed to America's future.
     There are at least 9 major categories of political assassinations that I am aware of in America from 1953-2017.  This topic is so complex that whole books have been written about single suspected assassinations, so I'm sure that there is a lot that is not included in this very brief review.  These 9 categories are:
     1. Overt political assassinations from 1953-1980, including 41 Jim Crow and/or Klu Klux Klan murder victims, including many civil rights activists murdered in the south from 1955-1968.  Some of the overt political assassinations were done by people who are suspected of being MKULTRA Delta mind controlled assassins.  (For example, please be aware that a man named
Zapruder allegedly made $150,000 in 1963 money or almost $1.2 million in 2017 money filming the tragic assassination of JFK in 1963.)
     2. Armed conflict at the Native American Oglala Lakota or Sioux Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota from 1973-1976American Indian Movement members allege that GOONs, or "Guardians of the Oglala Nation" killed many AIM activists between 1973-1976 at the Native American Oglala Lakota or Sioux Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota.  (Another version of these allegations at was hacked on 1/26/09 by the exact same strategy used to hack around 1/7/09-1/10/09.)  The FBI finally got around to reporting their version of these American Indian Movement 1973-1976 deaths at the Lakota Pine Ridge Reservation in 2000, 24-27 years later.  A helpful Native American journalist tried to help set the record straight by reporting both sides of the story.
     3. Suspected and alleged covert assassinations of countercultural musicians, 1967-1981.  Documented in Operation CHAOS: The CIA's War Against the Sixties Counterculture, by Mae Brussel in 1976, and also including the assassination of John Lennon in 1980 and the untimely illness and death of Bob Marley in 1981.  "The nine years in which the musicians allegedly overdosed, drank themselves to death, drove over cliffs, hung themselves, choked, crashed their motorcycles, went insane, or freaked out without any reasonable explanation, were the same years that the FBI and CIA waged a domestic war against any kind of dissent."  Hmmm.
     4. Suspected covert murders of prominent left-wing activists, 1976-now.
     5. Suspected covert murders of targeted individuals, 1953-now.  Covert murders since the 1970's tended to use a covert slow kill assassination strategy (sometimes euphemistically referred to a neutralizing the target), wearing the victim down with psywar harassment, covert electronic harassment, and paid gangstalking harassment.  In some cases, potentially lethal covert electronic anti-brain beam weapons were probably used to kill their target in one way or another.  The anti-brain beam weapon technology used in these covert hits or assassinations is new, top secret, and very technologically advanced.  See for a detailed description of this new technology and a new covert harassment campaign against targeted individuals that is sometimes eventually lethal.  
     6. Suspicious deaths of some presumably guilty people, usually insiders, who might have been killed to silence them forever during the Bush Administration years.
     7. Controversial deaths of blacks killed by police, 2012-now, ever since blacks started protesting the death of Trayvon Martin in 2012 and Black Lives Matter was formed in 2013.
     8. Very rare highly publicized mass murder deaths.  These extremely rare and terribly tragic tragedies are probably caused by extreme and/or extremely strong mind control zaps, and/or cumulative zaps from too many mind control zap teams in a short/long time period, including possibly very severe anger zaps, that might push an unsuspecting and/or electronically tortured and/or electronically tormented and/or completely electronically SOL mind control victim into going postal and shooting someone.  I would label these murderers MKULTRA Deltas, a label used in the U.S. government's MKULTRA mind-controlled assassins program.  "Thou shalt not murder", period.  Almost all mind control victims can avoid making any tragic errors while coping with dumb and/or extremely dumb electronic harassment and/or mind control suggestions.  However, very rarely, a tragic error does occur, and someone dies and/or someone is killed.
     9. Accidental deaths of mind control victims and mind control workers 1953-2017.  Mind control is a very risky business, and while it is usually nonlethal an average accidental death rate of only 1 person per year per mind control zap squad if there are 200-2000 mind control zap squads in America can really add up to a lot of preventable tragic deaths.  See information on surviving hi-tech nonlethal political persecution at the solutions page and the problems page at to minimize your odds of accidentally dying if you are ever zapped with mind reading and/or mind control technology.
     Also, from 1968-1972, Operation Phoenix during the Vietnam War apparently degenerated into U.S. death squads or hit squads killing or assassinating instead of capturing suspected NLF communists in Vietnam.  Marshall Thomas believes this legacy was carried over into a "slow kill" covert war program in America targeting innocent peacetime American citizens.

     FYI, 2 serious covert electronic warfare assassination attempts were made against the webmaster of this website, Ed Harding.  One was in 1981 and one was in 1992.  This webmaster survived both covert electronic warfare assassination attempts, other minor electronic warfare assassination attempts, and hundreds of mostly electronic death threats.  (You'd be surprised at how much more cautious this webmaster has become.)

Surviving Covert Hi-Tech NonLethal Mind Reading and Mind Control Political Persecution
Book: How To Tame a Demon
How to Tame a Demon is a survival guide for people zapped with covert hi-tech electronic mind reading and mind control technology.  This book asks all the right survival-oriented questions that intelligent normal people turned into targeted individuals or TI's might ask.

The Mind Control Problem
     Covert mind reading and covert mind control technology is a suspected hidden cause of and/or contributing factor to many of the tragic deaths that are the focus of  Here are the key points.
1. Covert mind reading and mind control technology is real.  See and read the internet for more information.
2. Very few people are zapped by covert mind control technology.  Probably far less than 1% of the population is zapped with hi-tech covert mind control beam weapon technology.
3. Covert mind reading and mind control technology has been in use for decades.  Mind reading and mind control technology was developed by the CIA's controversial project MKULTRA mind control research and development program, begun on April 13, 1953, and similar projects, and the technological research was probably additionally fueled by the beam weapon research that was part of Presidential Ronald Reagan's SDI or Strategic Defense Initiative DEW/directed energy weapon/laser/beam weapon research, nicknamed "Star Wars", in the 1980s.  Covert mind control technology has been used since the 1980s and probably in the 1970s and probably in a more primitive form the 1960s also.
 People have also attempted to document, oppose, and/or stop mind control for years.  See History of TI Political Activism for more information on the history of TI or targeted individual anti-mind control political resistance efforts.

4. Mind control, as practiced in America today, is covert and almost always on a daily basis nonlethal.  [Caution: mind control might be more lethal in some other countries.]  Covert mind control in America might or might not be detected by its victims.  It might or might not be acknowledged by its victims, some of whom might choose the coping strategy of denial and ignoring the problem.  And it might or might not get much daily attention from its accidentally zapped secondary target victims, who I suspect often ignore sound beams and try to tune them out as irrelevant background noise.

5. Mind control technology disables, zombifies, and stupefies brains. This is probably a deliberate effort by mind control beam weapon software operator workers to turn everyone who is zapped into dumber, more passive, and more compliant zombified mind control victims.  Study and to learn how to restore your brainpower by shielding your brain from harmful covert anti-brain beam weapon technology.

6. Mind control attempts to disrupt and interfere with victims' lives using usually covert mind control beam weapon technology run by mind control beam weapon software operator workers.  This disruption could include:
     6.1. Using mind control technology [presumably silent sound spread spectrum cloning the emotions technology/mood setting technology] to interfere with, reduce, and disable their victims' brainpower to make mind controlling them easier.
     6.2. Remote controlled wireless mind reading.
     6.3. Remote controlling a mind control victim's mood setting/emotions [presumably by using silent sound spread spectrum cloning the emotions technology].
     6.4. Presumably extensive mind control suggestion technology, including subliminal suggestion technology, semi-subliminal suggestion technology, and zapping thoughts directly into a target's brain using V2k or voice-to-skull and probably other direct beam-to-brain communication technologies.  [One of these technologies is detectable.  If you press your fingertips tightly against one or preferably both ear canal openings, you might audibly hear subliminal remote control suggestions/instructions being covertly broadcast at you.]
     6.5. Possibly other noticeable disruptions, including possibly waking up in the middle of the night and being unable to sleep, extra hunger sensations that sometimes cause obesity or weight gain, additional need to piss sensations, and potentially a wide variety of other artificial zapped electronic feelings, moods, and/or sensations.
     6.6. Wireless remote control of electronic loudspeakers, including TV loudspeakers, PC speakers, telephones, and stereo loudspeakers.  These includes remotely wirelessly controlling the sound content of loudspeakers, and probably electronically wirelessly swiping the original sound content of loudspeakers (including phones and cell phones).
     6.7. Sometimes electronically jammed and possibly even wirelessly remote controlled electronics.  [Electronic jamming sometimes accidentally occurs if a beam is zapped at too many decibels or too high a strength.]  Wireless or beam-in attacks on computers at levels just under the computer being jammed can deliberately sabotage a computer's functioning.  [I suspect that sometimes there is deliberate wireless computer remote control and/or machine remote control tech being used, while at other times there is a possible beam-in attack with the possible mingling of one or more extra computers' electronic fields impacting a targeted computer.]  An additional zap, an alleged "6 volt zap" has been alleged to be used to disable and/or sometimes even attempt to damage electronics. [Overt consumer-operated wireless remote control of electronics is standard for many electronic devices.  A sample simple machine remote control device is the TV-B-Gone Universal Remote Control device.  Covert wireless remote technology is probably much more powerful.]
     6.8. Electronic harassment, in the form of audible sound beam broadcasts, sometimes includes harassment, angry, toxic, obscene, and/or offensive and/or repulsive messages that are sometimes live, sometimes pre-recorded, and sometimes a mix of live and pre-recorded messages.
     6.9 Caution: since multiple targets are often allegedly zapped with the same mind control zaps on one mind control channel, the zaps experienced by secondary mind control targets might seem random or even capriciously random (like waking up the middle of the night and being unable to sleep, for example).
     6.10. One of the weirdest mind control maneuvers is allegedly to draft one person to role-play a VIP and then broadcast that person's brainwaves into the VIP's brain at very reduced decibel levels in an attempt to temporarily take over a VIP's brain with a live remote controller who might not even be aware of what he/she is doing.  Another weird tactic is to draft someone to wish for someone else to do something and then not explain if, how, or where their wishful thoughts were zapped to someone else.

7. Electronic harassment or mind control attacks are probably limited by
7.1.  A limited number of paid and employed mind control workers in America.  (3 mind control beam weapon software operator workers in a mind control worker team can cause more problems than 2, for example, while 4 or more mind control workers on one mind control project can create too much trouble too often for one mind control victim and the other people that mind control team zaps.)
     7.2. The number of currently zapped beam weapon victims and possibly even the number of mind control broadcast channels allegedly far exceeds the number of active paid full time mind control software operator teams.  This means there are probably thousands of people who are secondary targets who are zapped but not actively mind controlled by a live mind control worker who are either zapped but unmonitored or only lightly sometimes mind-read.
     7.3. A limited number of actively deployed local beam weapons [deployed near a targeted individual's housing], that I guess are probably only actively deployed near actively zapped housing.
     7.4. Possible disablement of mind control workers' own brains, including possibly being disabled by their own brain-disabling mind control technology zaps.
     7.5. Limited hours worked by some but not all mind control workers.  Some mind control beam weapon software operators work 24/7/365, but some of them do not.
7.6. Sometimes complaints from other people.  Sometimes complaints make some difference, and sometimes they are ignored.
     7.7. Mind control workers lack of privacy while they electronically harass a targeted individual and others and their possible interest in not getting busted, not getting fired, and not getting in trouble in the future for their misconduct now.

8. Mind control beam weapon zap victims, both primary and secondary targets, are stuck playing various balancing acts, including:
    8.1. Paying attention to the real world vs. paying attention to a mind control network.
    8.2. Sometimes calling in sick if mind control is too disruptive sometimes or ignoring electronic harassment to go work and earn a living with or without a good night's sleep.
    8.3. Humoring mind control workers to try to keep electronic harassment workers happy and minimize political persecution vs. ignoring them vs. complaining and trying to be let go as soon as possible vs. trying to distract mind control workers and toss the hot potato of mind control interaction to someone else.  If you humor them, or, god forbid, try working for them, it might become a lot harder for you to quit later if they ever get used to relying on you.

9. Excessive mind control, or the over disruption of people's lives, including the lives of victims, mind control workers, and drafted mind control workers, can cause major problems.  In extreme cases, excessive mind control can kill people.  Caution: sometimes people are often slowly and gradually over persecuted to death using mind control technology at "slow kill" political persecution levels.
10. Caution: If sometimes excessive mind control in America usually accidentally killed an estimated average of somewhere between one person a year and one person every 4 years per mind control team, and if there are an estimated 200-2,000 covert mind control teams in America, then covert mind control in America could have added up to a lot of usually accidental deaths from mind control, an estimated 50-2,000 deaths per year and an estimated 2,000-80,000 probably usually accidental deaths (but sometime deliberately over persecuted and/or killed deaths) of targeted individuals, mind control workers, and others over 40 or more years.

11. Logical goals for anyone zapped by covert mind control technology in America today include:
     1. Avoiding mind control.  This means trying to avoid being beamed by mind control technology.
     2. Surviving mind control with no/minimal damage to your life.  In the past, many people have chosen to ignore mind control as a survival strategy.  Today, helpful survival strategies include studying,, and the solutions page (and the problems page) at
     3. Minimizing mind control persecution.  This is the angle of the book How to Tame a Demon, a survival guide for people zapped with covert hi-tech electronic mind reading and mind control technology.
Book: How To Tame a Demon
     4. Escaping mind control as quickly as possible.  This means both
          1. Escaping being actively mind read and mind controlled as quickly as possible.  (This is the part that people often notice.)
          2. Escaping being beamed by becoming untranspondered/unzapped as quickly as possible.  (This is the part that people might not notice.)

12. Some people are duped by covert mind control and start doing dumb things.  Mind controllers can plant dumb/dysfunctional ideas [using subliminal messaging, semi-subliminal messages, V2k or voice to skull and audible targeted sound beam technologies] and/or dysfunctional mood settings [presumably by using silent sound spread spectrum cloning the emotions technology] and watch their victims, not themselves, make real life errors and then watch their victims, not themselves, pay the eventual real life price of making unnecessary preventable errors.  Most duped mind control victims don't even know or believe that they are being mind controlled, due to their ignorance and/or disbelief of and/or denial of some very bizarre and potentially very powerful mind control technology.
13. Some people who are duped by covert mind control make the worst mistake possible and they end of shooting someone.  I describe these people as MKULTRA deltas.  MKULTRA deltas are Manchurian candidates, brainwashed and/or mind-controlled government assassins.  Some of these people did not even know they were mind control victims.  Most of the MKULTA deltas who tragically killed people were probably severe mind control over persecution victims. Some of these MKULTRA deltas might have been zapped with severe rage zaps and/or other zaps designed to make them potentially homicidally angry.  [Major senseless shooting deaths reported in the media might have been caused by mind control, particularly if the shooter is described as having had mental health difficulties.]  Absent mind control, no one in their right mind would risk throwing away their life and getting killed or locked up for the rest of their life by making the incredibly dumb error of killing someone.  One safety precaution to prevent any possible gun violence is to either avoid guns or keep them safely under lock and key in order to prevent their tragic accidental use.
14. Survive any extreme beam weapon mind control zaps.  [This is potentially a matter of life and death, so I need to insert a legal disclaimer: Don't blame me.  Covert mind control beam weapon attacks are not my moral or legal responsibility, and any errors, either legal, illegal, nonlethal, or even lethal, made by any mind control victims before, during, or after reading this data are not my moral or legal responsibility.  Period.]
     If you are ever temporarily zapped with a rage zap, extreme mind control over persecution, and/or wireless mind control beam weapon electromagnetic torture [and this can include rage zaps and/or painful electronic toothache sensation zaps], do not use violence, avoid verbally or silently threatening any violence, period, avoid guns, avoid going nuts, stay out of trouble, and try to persuade the people electronically persecuting you to stop ASAP.  It is also easier to skip involving the police, the medical profession, and/or hospitals if someone is coping with a temporary extreme mind control beam weapon zap.
     Many times any extreme covert beam weapon mind control zap attack, while potentially very difficult [and maybe even potentially, god forbid, lethal], is only temporary.  Try your very best to survive any extreme covert beam weapon mind control zap attack as unharmed as possible if it ever happens to you.
15. Another nonlethal tragic mistake that some people make is to start working for the mind controllers.  I list more than 40 reasons why working for mind controllers is a terrible, terrible idea that you should avoid if at all possible.

Mind Control Survival Summary
Book: How To Tame a Demon
How to Tame a Demon is a survival guide for people zapped with covert hi-tech electronic mind reading and mind control technology.  This book asks all the right survival-oriented questions that intelligent normal people turned into targeted individuals or TI's might ask.

     Please be aware that most political repression in the United States is both covert and nonlethal.  There is a new form of political repression in America that involves covert mind reading and mind control technologies and covert ops in new covert mind reading and mind control or borg networks.  Many of these "covert ops" are drafted individuals looking for a good reason or a good excuse to quit working for the mind readers and mind controllers ASAP.  These networks sometimes disagree and quarrel a lot.  See the solutions page at for advice on remaining silent and silently asserting your 5th Amendment right and Miranda right to remain silent and plenty of other survival tactics.  If you act boring, unhelpful, and nonthreatening, mind control workers might let you go faster, since beaming you is probably worthless to them.  (In 2017, probably no one in most borg mind reading and mind control networks knows how to shut their borg network down.)
     Covert beam weapon mind control technology often [probably deliberately] zombifies, disables, and slows down the brains of presumably almost everyone who is zapped, including the brains of targeted individuals, mind readers, undercover, cops, etc. [probably to make it easier for mind control workers to remotely mind control disabled/zombified brains].  [Sometimes beam weapon software operators step away from their own brain-disabling mind control beam and/or electronically reduce and/or filter it to reduce their own zombification at the risk of their being unaware when their mind control beams are harming their victims too much.]  This reduces intelligence and productivity and can cause unintended errors.  This also makes beam weapon zap victims more vulnerable to mind control technology.  Learn how to shield your brain from brain disabling mind control technology.  See and
     Also please be aware that mind control technology can sometimes surprisingly [and if you are a secondary target surprisingly randomly] interfere with your life, including your sleep, your work, your alertness, your concentration, your brainpower, your privacy, your diet, your social life, your private time, your prudence, your frugality, etc.  You might also find yourself zapped with disruptive mood settings or zaps, including wake up zaps, need to piss zaps, hunger zaps, inability to focus zaps, tiredness zaps, bad mood zaps, larkish ideas and/or impulses zaps, etc.  Please be very careful, avoid all drama, do not overextend yourself, and try to think carefully and logically before speaking or taking action.
     In you are ever zapped by mind control technology, avoid doing anything dumb, even if you are temporarily zapped into a terrible mood [which can be done to a targeted individual using cloning the emotions technology that is part of silent sound spread spectrum mind control technology].  Also try to avoid all drama and conflict and wait for bored mind control workers to let you go once they figure out that you are of no real use or interest to them.  Also try to avoid being setup, framed up, and/or persecuted by sham investigators of mind reading broadcasts who sometimes have a [real/speculative/imagined/fantasy] profit incentive to and/or are temporarily mind-controlled to drop any normal work [non-mind reading and non-mind control work] that they might have and to over investigate and/or persecute mind reading and mind control victims.  Do not trust anyone in a mind reading and mind control network, do not agree to interact with them, and do not seek anything from the con job, setup, mind control, undercover, and/or frame-up or sting workers, agents, undercover, and/or cops in a borg network.  Do not seek their sham help, their money, employment, mind reading money, socializing, dating, or offers of any vice, including sex and/or drugs, from them.  (If you do get something from them, you might regret it later, and it would probably make it harder to cleanly quit, period.)  Sometimes, mind reading workers and/or mind reading victims who have tried to do too much too quickly or who have been temporarily persecuted or over persecuted and/or even temporarily electronically psychologically tortured have lost it and died or gotten locked up in one preventable tragic way or another.  Most mind control victims survive, but please be very careful if you are ever zapped by mind reading and/or mind control technology.  Also try to avoid any and all police drama and/or medical drama if possible.
     Also please be aware that mind control technology can potentially temporarily electronically disrupt your life, either a little, some, or a lot, while you are hopefully only temporarily zapped.  While you are zapped, you should be very cautious and careful in your life and extremely careful to not overextend yourself, avoid trouble, and to avoid any optional drama until you break free from being zapped.
     For more ideas on surviving covert hi-tech political persecution in America, see the solutions page and the problems page at

Songs Commenting Martyrs and Opposing/Lamenting Political Assassinations
     Here are a few songs commemorating our martyrs and condemning their evil assassins.
     Too many martyrs (aka The Ballad of Medgar Evers), by Phil Ochs.
     Only a Pawn In Their Game, condemning the assassin, the Klu Klux Klan, and the system that killed Medgar Evers.
     The Ballad of Medgar Evers by the SNCC Freedom Singers, lamenting the loss of Medgar Evers.
     Medgar Evers Lullaby, by Judy Collins.  A lullaby for Medgar Ever's son.
     Birmingham Sunday [also in a youtube video lament] by Joan Baez, lamented the Birmingham Sunday murder of 4 innocent black girls in church.
     He Was A Friend of Mine, by the Byrds, gently lamented the death of John F. Kennedy.  FYI, a man named Zapruder made a mint (allegedly $150,000 in 1963 dollars [worth almost $1.2 million in 2017] from Life magazine) from videotaping and quickly selling the videotape of this tragic 1963 assassination.  (Also FYI, the name of the 1968 assassin James Earl Ray is not pronounced Jim Ear L Ray, but he is was a suspected mind control victim.)
     That Was The President, by Phil Ochs, lamented the death of John F. Kennedy.
     Goodman, Schwerner, and Chaney, by Tom Paxton, about the murder of 3 civil rights activists in Mississippi.  The FBI launched a major investigation into their 1964 deaths.  (FYI, a Mississippi sheriff named Lawrence A Rainey was allegedly involved in their murder.  Mr. Rainey was fictionalized as Ray Stuckee in the 1988 movie MIssissippi Burning.)  (Also FYI, a man named Cecil Ray Price, deputy sheriff in Neshoba County, Mississippi in 1964, was convicted in October 1967 of violating the civil rights of the three victims and a man named Edgar Ray Killen was convicted of manslaughter on June 21, 2005.)
     Those 3 Are On My Mind, by Pete Seeger, written in response to the assassination of James E. Chaney, Andrew Goodman; and Michael Schwerner.
     It Could Have Been Me, by Holly Near, written in response to the May 4, 1970 Kent State murders of college student by the National Guard.
     The Death of Harry Simms, by Pete Seeger.  Union organizer Harry Simms, 19, was ambushed and killed near Harlan County, Kentucky in 1932.  Prior to today's FBI SID covert non-lethal gangstalking harassment (aka psywar), hits against lethally targeted individuals were sometimes blatantly lethal during the Depression.

Anti-Mind Control Song
     What You Do With What You Got, sung by Ed Trickett.

Songs Protesting Nonlethal Political Repression
     Who's Watching the Man, by Si Kahn. 
     Ballad of Harry Bridges, + lyrics, a song about a 1930's San Francisco union organizer sung by Pete Seeger. 
     I Ain't Scared of Your Jail, a 1963 civil rights song sung by Pete Seeger.
    Chicago, by Crosby Stills, and Nash, written in preparation for the 1968 anti-war protests at the Chicago Democratic National Convention that were attacked by a police riot and the National Guard.
     Where Were You In Chicago, by Phil Ochs, written in response to police riot at the peace protests at the 1968 Chicago Democratic National Convention.

Peace Songs and Anti-War Laments
     Bantry Girls Lament, by Joanie Madden.
     Willie McBride (by Tommy Makem & Liam Clancy)/Green Fields of France (by the Corries)
     And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda, by By Liam Clancy.
     Mothers, Daughters, Wives, sung by The Corries.  (Also written and sung by Judy Small.).
     We Ye No Come Back Again, sung by Jean Redpath.

Anti-Crime Song/Prisoner's Lament
     Boston Burgler
, sung by James Keelaghan.

Political Activism Support Song
     I'm Going to Get My Baby out of Jail, sung by Len Chandler and Bernice Johnson Reagon.

Religion and Salvation Songs.
     He's Passing This Way, by Norman Blake.
     Farther Along, sung by the Byrds.
     Hark of All, sung by Ed Trickett.

Detailed partial list and chart of overt and suspected covert U.S. political assassinations from 1953-2017

Year Individual/Group that Died Role in Society Age How they Died Were they Assassinated? Consequences
Nov. 28, 1953 Frank Olson U.S. army scientist with the U.S. Army's top secret Special Operations Division at Fort Detrick in Frederick, MD. 43 MKULTRA mind-control research victim.  Covertly dosed with LSD before he died from falling or being pushed out of a window. covert mind control research death.  Also an alleged assassination. In 1976 Olson's family was paid a $750,000 out-of-court legal settlement by the U.S. government.
1955-1968 41 Jim Crow and/or Klu Klux Klan murder victims, including many civil rights activists Many were civil rights activists.  Almost all were African American. Almost all victims were murdered in the south.  Most of the murders were overt flashpoint murders. Overt mostly flashpoint assassination. The civil rights movement won and gained freedom and civil rights for African Americans at the cost of 41 martyrs, mostly African American civil rights activists.
Aug. 28, 1955 Emit Till 14 year old black youth from Chicago visiting Mississippi 14 Murdered in Mississippi after very brief sexual harassment of a white woman.  Abducted, beaten, and shot. Overt flashpoint assassination The civil rights movement made this murder a cause celebre.
June 12, 1963 Medgar Evers Black civil rights activist 37 Murdered in Mississippi outside his home by a Klu Klux Klan member. Overt Assassination Reaction to the assassination included 3 songs: The Ballad of Medgar Evers/Too Many Martyrs, by Phil Ochs,  Only a Pawn in their Game, by Bob Dylan, and the lament The Ballad of Medgar Evers by the SNCC Freedom Singers. 
Aug. 3, 1963 Phil Graham Publisher and co-owner of the Washington Post from 1948-1963.  He is alleged to have run the CIA's Operation Mockingbird, a covert CIA plan to covertly control the media. 48 Shot with a shotgun in Marshall, VA after he suffered from mental health problems.   Being shot with a shotgun was officially ruled a suicide, but there is a slim chance it might have been a covert assassination, possibly related to his role in the CIA's Operation Mockingbird.  (Frank Olson's murder in 1953 shows how weird CIA murders can get.) Phil Graham's widow, Katherine Graham, became the powerful owner and publisher of the Washington Post from 1963-2001
Sept. 15, 1963 Birmingham Sunday victims, 4 young black girls in church. 4 Churchgoing young black girls. 11-14 Bomb planted by a Klu Klux Klan member exploded in a black civil rights church in Birmingham, AL. Overt Assassination Riots erupt in Birmingham, leading to the deaths of two more black youths.
Joan Baez wrote the song Birmingham Sunday.
Nov. 22, 1963 President John F. Kennedy President, enemy of the FBI. 46 Shot in Dallas, TX. Overt Assassination.  Suspected assassination conspiracy. America was stunned by the assassination.  Then America mourned..
Assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was himself quickly assassinated by Jack Ruby, who died of cancer 3 years later.  The Byrds wrote He Was A Friend of Mine and Phil Ochs wrote That Was The President
Aug. 4, 1964 James E. Chaney, Andrew Goodman; and Michael Schwerner. Civil rights workers 20-24. Murdered in Mississippi during Freedom Summer in 1964 by the Klu Klux Klan after being arrested by the police. Overt flashpoint assassination when civil rights workers attempted to inspect a black church in Mississippi burned down 5 days earlier.  Activist security precautions were being taken in a hostile Mississippi area. Federal murder investigation took 6 weeks to find the missing activists' dead bodies.
The webmaster is very busy and cannot guarantee when this draft version will be revised.
Feb. 21, 1965 Malcolm X Political Activist Shot.  Malcolm X was under heavy FBI persecution at the time. Overt Assassination Loss of prominent African American activist.
Aug. 25, 1967 Far right-wing extremist and overt Nazi George Lincoln Rockwell Overt Nazi, founder of the far right-wing extremist Nazi party.  Fascist scum.  Got about 1% of the vote in Virginia in 1965. 49 Shot in Arlington, VA (also the base of the covert fascist FBI SID) by a former Nazi. Overt Assassination One less Nazi.  (Note: do not use violence to stop the FBI SID.  It will only backfire.  Try to get them arrested for their crimes, including their blatant use of methamphetamine speed, instead.  See
April 4, 1968 Martin Luther King, Jr. Major Political Activist 39 Shot in Memphis, TN Overt Assassination Riots in dozens of U.S. cities.
1968 Kennedy U.S. Democratic Presidential candidate Overt Assassination Loss of major U.S. political candidate and another Kennedy death.
1967-1976 JOHN CARPENTER, 45,
Sixties Countercultural Musicians.   Mostly 25-40, also older. Their deaths are documented in Operation CHAOS: The CIA's War Against the Sixties Counterculture, by Mae Brussel in 1976 Mae Brussels suspects some of these people were covertly assassinated by the CIA's Operation CHAOS.
1968-1972 Operation Phoenix, Vietnam War During the Vietnam War, CIA and U.S. military counterinsurgency in Vietnam apparently degenerated into U.S. death squads fighting a dirty war and killing instead of capturing suspected Vietnamese NLF communists. "Between 1968 and 1972, Phoenix neutralized 81,740 [Vietnamese] NLF members, of whom 26,369 were killed." -- Wikipedia "The Phoenix Program is sometimes seen as an "assassination campaign," and has been criticized as an example of human-rights atrocities alleged to have been committed by the CIA or other allied organizations, including U.S. Military Intelligence." -- Wikipedia TI researcher Marshall Thomas claims there is a covert "slow kill" program codenamed Monarch patterned after the CIA's Operation Phoenix death squads in the Vietnam War.  FBI SID workers have used the term "neutralize" to describe stopping/eliminating their opponents.
May 19, 1969 James Rector Protester at People's Park in Berkeley, CA, on May 15, 1969, "bloody Thursday". He was shot with buckshot.  Alan Blanchard was permanently blinded. Overt flashpoint assassination California Governor Ronald Reagan stated in April 1970, "if there has to be a bloodbath, let's get it over with.  No more appeasement."
Dec. 4, 1969 Fred Hampton Black Panther Party leader. 21 Murdered in bed by the Chicago police (after being covertly drugged the night before) in a lethal raid retaliating for the murder of 2 Chicago policemen by unknown assailants. Overt flashpoint assassination Future presidential candidate Jesse Jackson spoke at the 5,000 person funeral.
May 4, 1970 Kent State murder victims 4 college students Shot in the back by Ohio National Guard while fleeing. Overt flashpoint assassination. Burnout and alienation of activists.  25 activists arrested, murders unarrested.
May 1970 Walter Reuther, United Auto Workers President. President of the United Auto Workers Union. Plane crash of chartered plane.  Probable altimeter malfunction.  Sabotage suspected. Suspected assassination.
1970 Jackson State murder victims black college students
May 15, 1972 George Wallace.  He survived but was crippled for life. governor of Alabama, conservative Democratic presidential candidate in 1972. Crippled at age 53 Shot while campaigning in Laurel, Maryland.  He survived, but was crippled for the rest of his life. He survived an overt assassination attempt. Wallace was left paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of his life.
Nov. 13, 1974 Karen Silkwood whistleblower 28
1973-1976 61 AIM Casualties at the Pine Ridge Reservation, 1973-1976. Native America AIM or American Indian Movement political activists. 61 uninvestigated deaths, some clearly overt political assassinations, often by goons..  Many of the deaths are uninvestigated suspected assassinations.
July 30, 1975 Jimmy Hoffa, Teamster Union President of Teamsters Union 1958-1971.  Convicted of bribery, jailed from 1964-1971.  Pardoned in 1971. Disappeared at 62 Disappeared.  Presumed murdered.  Officially declared dead in 1982. Disappeared.  Presumed assassinated by the mob or mafia. Teamsters for a Democratic Union organized to reform the union and try to purge organized crime from the Teamsters union.
Sept. 21, 1976 Orlando Letelier 44 Assassinated in Washington, DC by Chilean secret police, DINA.

Phil Ochs left-wing songwriter. 35 Found hanged.  His throat was cut earlier in Tanzania.  Probable political persecution victim, possible covert electronic warfare victim. Suspected assassination.
Nov. 18, 1978 U.S. Congressman Leo Ryan U.S. Congressman, vocal critic of U.S. covert operations. 53 Shot by a Jonestown cult member at the beginning of the Jonestown cult mass murder/suicide tragedy in Guyana. Overt flashpoint assassination. Before Leo Ryan was assassinated, he enacted the Hughes-Ryan Amendment in 1974 that began to remove the veil of secrecy behind CIA black op programs.
Nov. 1978 Jonestown tragedy
Nov. 27, 1978 Harvey Milk First openly gay elected . politician in California. Shot in San Francisco, CA city hall. Overt assassination.
Nov. 3, 1979 Greensboro 5 Left-wing protesters marching in "Death to the Klan" march on Nov. 3, 1979 in Greensboro, NC. 29-37 Shot and killed by Klu Klux Klan and Nazi counter protesters shooting at a "Death to the Klan" march in Greensboro.  Overt flashpoint assassination. In 2005, Greensboro activists established one of the first local Truth and Reconciliation Commissions in America in Greensboro, NC.
Documented misconduct by the Greensboro Police SID or Special Intelligence Division later became a conflict flashpoint.
March 14, 1980 Allard Kenneth Lowenstein Leader of Americans for Democratic Action, ADA. Leader of the Dump Nixon movement.  Once elected to Congress.   Also on Nixon's enemies list. 51
Dec. 8, 1980 John Lennon Famous musician, once a member of the Beatles. 40 Stalked and shot by Mark Chapman.  The assassin was allegedly mind controlled and allegedly a Manchurian candidate. Overt assassination. Suspected assassination conspiracy.
March 30, 1981 Ronald Reagan.  He survived. U.S. President 1980-1988, Republican. Reagan survived the assassination attempt. He survived an overt assassination attempt.
May 11, 1981 Bob Marley Reggae musician. 36 Survived an overt Dec. 3, 1976 assassination attempt.  Died of cancer in 1981.  (FYI, cancer could  be covertly caused by high levels of radiation exposure.) Presumed to be death from "natural causes".  However, covert assassination is also suspected.
1982 Angus Mackenzie Posthumous author, Secrets: The CIA's War at Home. Young. Died from brain cancer. Suspected covert electronic warfare beam weapon victim.  (FYI, cancer could  be covertly caused by high levels of radiation exposure.)  He died from the same rare illness that Ted Kennedy died from in 2009.  (Angus Mackenzie was a foe of the CIA, while the Kennedys were foes of J. Edgar Hoover's FBI.)
1984 Jane "Seth" Roberts New age channel, wrote and/transcribed the "Seth" books.  Strongly suspected psywar disinformation victim. Illness.  Strongly suspected covert electronic warfare murder victim. Suspected covert assassination.
1984 Rita Hutchinson Taylor Targeted Individual or TI. Earliest dead electronic warfare victim noted by TI expert Eleanor White at  Electronic harassment and organized stalking victim, died 1984. Alleged covert electronic warfare murder victim, according to
April 12, 1989 Abbie Hoffman left-wing activist, yippie, Chicago 10 defendant.  He "regularly lectured audiences about the CIA's covert activities, including assassinations disguised as suicides." 52 Died in Solebury Township, PA.  Suicide by sleeping pill overdose.  Suspected covert electronic warfare murder victim. Suspected covert assassination.  Suspected covert electronic warfare victim.
May 24, 1990 Daryl Cherney, Judi Bari.  They survived. Earth First! radical environmental activists. Alleged bombing by FBI.  (The FBI alleged the activists were carrying the bomb.) Suspected covert assassination attempt.  Daryl and Judi survived. Daryl Cherney and Judi Bari sued the FBI and were initially awarded a 4.4 million dollar settlement.
July 6, 1990 Mitch Snyder CCNV or Community for Creative Nonviolence homeless activist leader in Washington, DC.  His 1984 51-day hunger strike forced Reagan to donate a huge building to CCNV to help the homeless. 46 Found hung by electrical cord in his room in July 1990.
Suspected covert electronic warfare murder victim.  He planned a healing retreat to a Trappist monastery before he died.
Suspected covert assassination.  Suspected covert electronic warfare victim. Mitch Snyder's 1984 51-day hunger strike forced Reagan to donate a huge building to CCNV to help the homeless.
Mitch Snyder's death eliminated a famous protester from Washington, DC in 1990.
Oct. 1, 1992 Petra Kelly Famous Green activist, elected to West Germany's Parliament. 44 Shot by her partner.  Probably a murder-suicide, possibly a double murder.  Covert electronic warfare is a possibility. Assassinated, probably by her romantic partner, who has also shot and killed.  Covert electronic warfare is a possibility.
1994 Jerry Ruben left-wing activist, yippie, Chicago 10 defendant. Killed by a car while jaywalking.  Suspected covert murder, suspected covert electronic warfare murder victim Suspected covert assassination.
October 12, 1998 Matthew Shepard 21 year old gay male student at the University of Wyoming.  Targeted, tortured and murdered for being gay in Oct. 1998.  Previously beaten and raped in Morocco in 1995.
After his death he became a gay rights martyr.
21 Targeted, tortured and murdered for being gay in 1998. He was fatally injured in severe Oct. 6-7 physical assault.  He died on Oct. 12, 1998. Targeted, tortured and murdered for being gay in 1998.  This is probably the most infamous murder or assassination of a gay person in America. Matthew's parents established the Matthew Shepard Foundation in Dec. 1998.
The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act
, finally became U.S. law on Oct. 22, 2009.  This measure expands the 1969 United States federal hate-crime law to include crimes motivated by a victim's actual or perceived gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability.
(Note: many TIs are disabled by electromagnetic beam weapons.)
1997-2006 20 Covert electronic warfare victims posted at Targeted Individuals or TIs. Electronic warfare murder victims noted by TI expert Eleanor White at  Victims of a combination of covert electronic warfare and organized paid gangstalking. Alleged covert electronic warfare murder victims, according to
July 17, 2001 Katherine Graham Powerful owner of the Washington Post from 1963-2001 84 Mysteriously died while walking.  Might have been killed by covert electronic warfare Might have been a covert assassination.
Oct. 2-22, 2002 Victims of the Washington, DC beltway sniper attacks.
James Martin
James Buchanan
Premkumar Walekar
Sarah Ramos
Lori Ann  Lewis-Rivera
Pascal Charlot
Dean Harold Meyers
Kenneth Bridges
Linda Franklin, FBI agent.
Conrad Johnson

Surviving victims:
Caroline Seawell
Iran Brown
Jeffrey Hopper

JM, 55
JB, 39
PW, 54
SR, 34
LALR, 25
PC, 72
DHM, 53
KB, 53
LF, 47
CJ, 35

CS, 43
IB, 13
JH, 37
These murder victims were all assassinated between Oct. 2-22, 2002 in or near Washington, DC by John Allen Muhammad, and one minor, Lee Boyd Malvo.  The 2 assassins used a specially modified assassin's car to hide in while killing their victims, and the assassins began their crime spree elsewhere in Sept. 2002.  The primary assassin changed his last name from Williams to Muhammad in Oct. 2001, and was temporarily taken into custody by US immigration officials in Dec. 2001 for being in the U.S. illegally.
The unprecedented 21-day string of unsolved murders occurred in and near the U.S. capitol city just before the Nov. 5, 2002 mid-term national U.S. election.
I strongly suspect this might have been a U.S. black ops fake terrorism incident designed to make Washington, DC afraid of terrorism just before the Nov. 2002 elections and swing the 2002 elections to anti-terrorist Republicans, but I have no way to prove this.  The 2 assassins were money-focused and demanded a 10 million payoff, but they surprisingly and stupidly focused on murder instead of robbery to try to get their money.  (Also, if they were beam weapon mind control victims, then that might explain why the words "call me god" might have popped into their brains and then been written on a tarot card left for the police.)
Washington, DC, including the national news media, became paranoid of snipers and terrorism in Oct. 2002, just before the Nov. 5, 2002 mid-term national U.S. election.
Oct. 25, 2002 U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone Left-wing populist U.S. senator. 58 Small charter airplane crash in bad weather.  Covert murder by sabotage and/or electronic warfare suspected. Suspected covert assassination.
March 16, 2003 Rachel Corrie U.S. political activist in Palestine, part of the ISM or International Solidarity Movement. 23 Killed by an Israeli Defense Force or IDF bulldozer engaged in house demolition. ISM witnesses claim she was assassinated.  IDF reports claim it was an accident.
Feb. 20, 2005 Hunter Thompson Maverick gonzo journalist. 67 Died from a presumably self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Might have been a covert electronic warfare assassination.  3 possible reasons it might have been a lethal mind-control psywar attack:
1.  His death was sloppy, not carefully preplanned.  2.  His suicide note has the phrases "I" and "you" as if a 2-person electronic mind-control discussion was underway.
3. His suicide note ends with the phrase "This won't hurt a bit", as if a techno mind-controller is trying to talk Thompson into using a gun to kill himself.
Dec. 10, 2005
Richard Pryor Black movie star and entertainer.  Starred in "Which Way is Up?". 64 Died from cardiac arrest in Encino, CA. Cardiac arrest might have been caused by covert electronic warfare.
Dec. 10, 2005
Eugene McCarthy U.S. democratic presidential peace candidate, 1968 89 Died from complications of Parkinson's disease in a Georgetown, Washington, DC retirement home. Disability and/or death might have been caused by covert electronic warfare
Dec. 17, 2005
Jack Anderson Investigative reporter.  Associated Press reports on Oct. 11, 2008  that Jack Anderson was targeted by the FBI.  Also on Nixon's enemies listNixon's White House plotted to assassinate Jack Anderson. 83 Diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1986.  Retired July 2004.  Died Dec. 17, 2005 in his Bethesda, Maryland home. Disability and/or death might have been caused by covert electronic warfare.  (In 2009, a FBI SID electronic warfare worker briefly working with Jay Pendelton claimed to have been part of a covert team that killed Jack Anderson.)
2006 U.S. Senator Tim Johnson.  He survived. U.S. Senator, Democrat, from South Dakota. Possible covert illness/murder attempt.  With control of the Senate in the balance in Nov. 2006, on Dec. 13, 2006, Tim Johnson suffered on life-threatening brain illness that might have been triggered by possible electronic warfare Might have been a covert disabling/assassination attempt using covert electronic warfare.  Tim Johnson survived.
June 13, 2008 Tim Russert liberal American TV journalist 58 Heart attack in a WRC-TV office in Washington, DC.  Might have been killed by covert electronic warfare Might have been a covert assassination.
Aug. 13, 2008 Bill Gwatney State chair of the Democratic Party of Arkansas. 49 An assassin walked into the Democratic party office in Little Rock Arkansas and shot Bill Gwatney 3 times. Overt assassination. Possible  assassination conspiracy or "psywar" hit.  He was shot 12 days before the 2008 Democratic National Convention.  (This might have been patterned after the Nov. 27, 1980 murder of FDR democratic opposition politicians in El Salvador by Salvadorian death squads.)
Dec. 9, 2008 Michael Connell He was a high-level Republican consultant.
He was served with a subpoena in Ohio on September 22, 2008, in a case alleging that vote-tampering during the 2004 presidential election resulted in civil-rights violations.
45 His small airplane crashed after flying from College Park Airport in Maryland.  (FYI,'s webmaster has witnessed routine usually accidental electronic zapping of or sound beam hits on aircraft near College Park airport in 2008.)  The FBI SID also has a strong presence and an alleged methamphetamine speed lab a few miles from College Park Airport in Maryland. Electronic and/or physical airplane sabotage suspected.  (It's also theoretically possible that a FBI SID electronic warfare satellite beam initially hitting the plane in College Park, MD may have intentionally/accidentally caused it to crash in Lake Township near Akron, OH.)  Part of a list of suspected political assassinations. UPDATE: 12/20/08: Michael Connell Killed: VR Demands Full State And Federal Investigation.
Jan. 29, 2009 William Thomas Peace activist, anti-nuclear vigiler in front the White House in Washington, DC from June 3, 1981- Aug. 5, 2008. 61 Died from a pulmonary disease (lung disease) on Jan. 29, 2009, in Washington DC. Might have been  covertly assassinated by a covert electronic warfare lethal asthma attack zap.  (Electronic warfare zaps are usually sudden.  Degenerate illness is usually slow.)  Wikipedia entry deleted on Feb. 2, 2009 by Tivedshambo, 4 days after his death.
Feb 12, 2009 Beverly Eckert Spokesperson for Voices of Sept. 11.  She wrote in 2003 in "My Silence Cannot be Bought" that "I owe it to my husband, whose death I believe could have been avoided, to see that all of those responsible are held accountable."  She gave up a 1.8 million legal settlement to sue the federal government. 57 Aircraft accident on Colgan/ Continental Flight 3407 on Feb., 12, 2009.  The airplane crashed while attempting to land.  50 people died in this plane crash.  It was the "first [known] fatal airline crash in the United States in more than two years", according to the Washington Post, page A6, 2/14/09.
Covert murder by covert electronic warfare sabotage of airplane flight suspected50 people died in this plane crash. 



Feb. 19, 2009 Peter DeMott Catholic peace activistClose to Jonah House in Baltimore. 62 Died from falling from a tree in Ithaca, NY. Might have been  covertly assassinated by a covert electronic warfare loss of balance zap.  One internet note wonders if it was an "FBI hit job".
March 19, 2009-- This new website is posted on the Internet.
May 31, 2009 George Richard Tiller, MD He directed a medical clinic in Wichita, KS that is only 1 of 3 in America that provides late term abortions (abortions after the 21st week or 5th month).
He was targeted by Operation Rescue, including a branch of Operation Rescue that moved to Wichita to target his clinic.  His clinic was firebombed in June 1986.  In 1991 Operation Rescue led a summery of mercy protest targeting his clinic.  He survived an assassination attempt on August 19, 1993.  He wore body armor from 1998-2009.  He was also heavily criticized by the TV Show The O'Reilly Factor from 2005-2009.
67 Shot in the head at point-blank range and killed during a Sunday church service by Scott Roeder on May 31, 2009.  He was wearing body armor, and had been wearing body armor since 1998.
He was targeted by Operation Rescue, including a branch of Operation Rescue that moved to Wichita to target his clinic.
In June 1986, his clinic was firebombed.
On August 19, 1993, Shelley Shannon shot Tiller five times.  Both assassins had some connection to the violently anti-abortion Army of God, where a man named Michael Bray is a key figure.  (FYI, "Ray" is a significant name for black ops who use beam weapons or ray guns.)
Shot and killed during a Sunday church service by Scott Roeder on May 31, 2009.  There is a slim chance the assassin might have been a mind-control victim. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced "...I have directed the United States Marshals Service to offer protection to other appropriate people and facilities around the nation."
June 10, 2009 Stephen Tyrone Johns, Holocaust Museum guard. Stephen Tyrone Johns, Holocaust Museum guard with 6 years of service. 39 Shot by James W. von Brunn, a deranged right-wing violent nut and assassin.  The assassin James W. von Brunn died on Jan. 6, 2011 in a  hospital near Buttner, North Carolina, at age 89, while undergoing mental health evaluations in prison. The deranged assassin specifically targeted the U.S. Holocaust Museum.  The assassination might have been triggered by covert mind-control technology beam weapons routinely covertly used in the Washington, DC area.  (The assassin also might have been covertly killed by beam weapons in North Carolina.) Increased concern in the U.S. Capitol, Washington DC, that more people might be assassinated.
Aug. 9, 2009 Michael McLaughlin Rep. Jan Schakowsky's son-in-lawRep. Jan Schakowsky, D-IL, Chairwoman of the House Intelligence Subcommittee on Investigations & Oversight, is starting to investigate the CIA. 38 Drowned in a snorkeling accident near Tulum Mexico.   Might have been  covertly assassinated by a covert electronic warfare disabling zap that could have caused a snorkeler to drown.
Freedom for Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS) mentioned this
Aug. 25, 2009 U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy. Prominent U.S. Senator 77 Diagnosed with a disabling and fatal brain cancer in May 2008.  Died at his home in Hyannis Port, MA on Aug. 25, 2009 from brain cancer. Suspected covert electronic warfare beam weapon victim.  (FYI, cancer could  be covertly caused by high levels of radiation exposure.)  He died from the same rare illness that anti-CIA researcher Angus Mackenzie died from in 1982.  Also, 2 of his brothers, including President John F. Kennedy, were openly shot and killed in the 1960's. Loss of a powerful liberal U.S. Senator.  Then the loss of one U.S. Senate seat that shifted the balance of power in Washington.

Jan. 27, 2010
Howard Zinn American historian, college professor, bestselling author, political activist. 87 Died of a heart attack while swimming in Santa Monica, CA. Might have been  covertly assassinated by a covert electronic warfare heart attack zap.  His death was reported by Mark Feeney and Bryan Marquard at 8:20pm 1/27/10, 40 minutes before President Obama's State of the Union speech.  
Jan. 27, 2010 J.D. Salinger Famous author of the 1951 book Catcher in the Rye.   Privacy-focused recluse.  (FYI, the letters "Ry" as in Ryan, Bryan, etc. are critical to FBI, CIA, and black ops aliases.  His novel might have been a 1951 psywar book.  One reviewer complained about the "immorality and perversion" in the book.) 91 Died of "natural causes" at his home in Cornish, NH.  According to BBC, he lived with a nurse at his home from 1980-2010. Might have been  covertly assassinated, maybe by a covert electronic warfare heart attack zap. According to Wikipedia, at least 3 attempted assassinations were associated with the novel Catcher in RyeJoal Ryan notes that Catcher in the Rye was a "touchstone" for the assassin who killed John Lennon.
Jan. 8, 2011 Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz. She initially survived but her brain is very injured from a bullet wound. U.S. congresswoman from Arizona. D-Ariz.
40 She initially survived being shot in the head in Tucson, AZ at point-blank range but her brain is very injured from a bullet wound. The assassin, Jared Loughner, 22, was probably a covert hi-tech mind-control  victim.
     In one you tube video, he looks like a mind-controlled brainwashing victim, with references to "listener?", "sleepwalking" (advanced mind control work), and "terrorist" (that might be Manchurian candidate assassin training).  
     In another you tube video, his note "You control every- thought, action, and lifestyle- for the person or people as the mind controller" sounds like he either became a covert mind control worker or wrote down their thoughts that they zapped him with.
     I suspect the actual assassination was done by remote-control by black ops using advanced secret hi-tech covert mind-control beam weapons.  It probably included a very strong anger mood setting zap (probably technically a silent sound spread spectrum (aka SSSS or s-quad) cloning the emotions covert beam weapon zap).
     FYI, the 1/8/11Tucson taxi driver, initially a "person of Interest" to the police, might/might not  be a covert black ops worker/contractor.  One key warning sign: was he only driving minimal hours despite high cab rental fees?  Regular cab drivers usually work long hours to profit after paying their cab rental fee.  FYI, taxi driver is a common black ops job.

Jan. 10, 2011
Ashley W. Turton She "was the wife of Daniel A. Turton, 43, the White House's deputy director of legislative affairs for the House of Representatives.  He is President Obama's point man on legislation moving through that body."  -- Washington Post, page B1, 1/11/11. 37 Her 2008 BMW X5 SUV crashed into the interior of her garage in/near Capital Hill in southeast Washington DC before 5am 1/10/11.  She was found dead inside her burning SUV.      Might have been a covert political assassination.  The timing, the closeness to the White House, the improbability of the inconceivably freakish accident, and the surprisingly heavy cumulative family tragedy are all suspicious.
     Earlier, Ashley Turton's brother Blair Westbrook suffered serious brain injury in a North Carolina motorcycle accident in the summer of 2010.
     FYI, secret anti-brain and/or anti-computer beam weapon could potentially cause vehicle crashes.
Lobbyist death shakes [Capitol] Hill again, according to the Washington Post, page C1, 1/11/11.
Jan. 25, 2002 - Dec. 9, 2008 Suspicious deaths of those who [allegedly] knew too much under Bush's watch.
Michael Connell,
Raymond Lemme (investigator),
Bruce E. Ivins (anthrax attack suspect), David Kelly (in England), J. Clifford Baxter (Vice Chairman of Enron), James Daniel Watkins (accountant), Kenneth Lay (Enron Corp founder), Gary Webb (investigative reporter), Deborah Jeane Palfrey (DC Madam/prostitution business manager), Brandy Britton (Maryland prostitute), Adamo Bove (Head of security at Telecom Italia) and Costas Tsalikidis (anti-bugging activists).
Suspicious deaths of those who [allegedly] knew too much under Bush's watch.

Note: many of these people are bad guys or people who chose to be evil.  When their lives fell apart, some of these people killed themselves.  Some of these people might have been electronic psychological warfare/investigation/ mind control victims before they died.
Dec. 1, 2001 James Daniel Watkins Arthur Anderson/Enron accountant 59 Died of a gunshot wound to his head. Might have been an overt murder/covert electronic murder.
Jan. 25, 2002 J. Clifford Baxter Vice Chairman of Enron 43 Died of a gunshot wound during the Enron scandal. Might have been an overt murder/covert electronic murder.
July 1, 2003 Raymond Lemme Investigator, good guy.
July 17, 2003 David Kelly weapons expert on WMDs in England. 59 He allegedly took 29 painkillers and slit his left wrist soon after experiencing televised public scorn for his Iraq WMD documentation. Might have been an overt murder/covert electronic murder.
Dec. 10, 2004 Gary Webb Investigative reporter. One of the good guys.  Investigated CIA contra cocaine smuggling into the United States. 59 Found dead from 2 gunshot wounds to the head. Probably died from gunshot murder from an enemy's hitman.  (However, covert electronic psychological warfare murder and heavy gangstalking could have driven him to shoot himself.) Loss of one bold investigative journalist.
March 9, 2005 Costas Tsalikidis Involved in cell-phone bugging scandal in Greece. 39
July 5, 2006 Kenneth Lay Enron Corp founder, disgraced millionaire. 64 Heart attack. He might have been killed by a covert electronic warfare heart attack zap.  There is also a extremely small chance he might have faked his death.  The dead body was quickly cremated. Enron's disgraced millionaire manager disappears forever.
July 21, 2006 Adamo Bove Italian policeman investigating a cell-phone bugging scandal in Greece. 41
Jan. 28, 2007 Brandy Britton Busted Maryland prostitute.   43 Found hanged. Probably a suicide.
May 1, 2008 Deborah Jeane Palfrey DC Madam.  She ran a large prostitution business in the Washington, DC area. 52 Palfrey was found hanging in a storage shed outside her mother's mobile home in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Probably a suicide.  Might have been a lynching.  Might have been a covert electronic psychological warfare murder. The big-time pimp/madam who supplied hookers to Washington DC conveniently disappeared forever without any more johns/clients being publicly disgraced.
July 29, 2008 Bruce E. Ivins 2001 anthrax attack suspect.  He might or might not have been guilty and he might or might not have been part of a conspiracy. 62 Overdose of Tylenol with codeine. Might have been a covert electronic psychological warfare murder destroying Ivins mental health.  Ivins was probably hit with electronic mind-reading and mind-control tech during a sensitive priority FBI investigation.  This technology could have killed him by destroying his mental health. Unsolved 2001 Anthrax attack mystery is all blamed on one lone dead nut.
Dec. 9, 2008 Michael Connell Republican political consultant. 45 See main entry.